Summer in Sicily: a wonderful idea!


Eventi in Sicilia

sicily_2219801b A lot of people will tell you that summer is not the best period to visit Sicily. During the months of July and August the temperature is quite high and the touristic destinations could be really crowded, it’s true. However there are not just cons in spending summertime in Sicily: let us tell you about some bright sides. First of all you have the chance to treat yourself booking one of the best self catering villas with pool in Sicily. Spending your holiday surrounded by comfort and nature is priceless.

Mulberry granita with cream - from Summertime in Sicily is when you can taste its delicious fresh typical products – and you are completely entitled to do so: ice cream here is really good, with plenty of different flavors from the most classic (chocolate, pistachio, cream) to the most uncommon ones (jasmine and almonds above all). Freshen up with local fruit as well: peaches, apricots, watermelon, cantaloupe… all these products come from the inland and are so delicious that you’ll feel like you’re eating sweets! Don’t forget to taste “granita” as well: in the Messina and Catania area, the most famous one is the mulberry flavor, often served for breakfast with a brioche and an espresso coffee. The western area offers you the “gelo di melone” (most famous in Palermo) made with watermelon, sugar, jasmine and chocolate: a really fresh dessert to eat in the hottest hours of the day. These delicious products can be found also in the little islands around Sicily (Pantelleria, Lampedusa, the Aegadians and so on). Choosing to rent a holiday villa in Sicily with pool can be the best way to stay away from the crowds, and live for a few days in an oasis far from the city center. Well, of course you can plan as many day trips as you want to visit the wonderful Palermo, or Trapani, Catania or Siracusa: during summer, you’ll be able to visit the wonders of these destinations without the usual traffic and crowd, since the most part of the inhabitants go on holiday or move to their holiday houses near the sea or in the countryside. Cities are therefore less crowded and you’ll find more quiet; the wind anyways reaches even the city center and, with some fresh air, walking through ancient streets looking for museums and monuments won’t be a problem.
Don’t forget that Sicily is not only seaside: there are plenty of wonderful, breath-taking destinations you can reach in the inland, maybe on hilltops or on mountain tops, that will let you breathe some fresh air. If you are staying in Palermo you may visit Monreale or Monte Pellegrino, where religious buildings are stunning and the panorama is unforgettable; if you are staying in the Trapani area, maybe in Marsala or Scopello, you’ll find the little Medieval town of Erice on top of Mt.San Giuliano, with pretty narrow streets of cobblestone, ancient castles and an amazing view of the Western shore. On the Eastern area don’t forget the famous, majestic Etna and all the little charming villages lying on the sides of the volcano, as well as the enchanting Castelmola, just a few kilometers far from Taormina. And after all, what’s better than a freshening bath into the clean waters of the Sicilian sea to get some relief from the hot summer of this wonderful land!?

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